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10 of 10 : Public Speaking – The speaker paces up and down like a caged animal

Mistakes & Observations Public Speakers make at Corporate Conferences
(and how to avoid them) cont… part 10 of 10

It helps most speaker’s brain work better to move around, however it does not help the audience.

Even though it can look a little odd, it is usually better to stand completely still than pace up and down creating a metaphorical “groove in the stage”.

Confident speakers intentionally move around the full width of the stage area to engage as much of the audience as possible. John C Maxwell has sat on the edge of the stage to “have a chat” with the audience. I have seen Allan Pease “walk around” an audience of over 3000 to get three volunteers.

Advanced Tip:

Expert speakers consciously use the large stage area and “position” [sometimes referred to as “anchor”] their ideas, message and key points to specific sections of the stage. If required, they also consider visually creating a timeline of “past, present and future” across the stage.

This is just the start..

I trust this ten part series on Public Speaking tips at Conferences will help to reduce your Public Speaking Anxiety. It will ensure your values, ethics and the vision you want to implement are enhanced instead of being hindered by very simple avoidable mistakes.

I obviously can help leaders with more than these ten mistakes, so if you want to raise your game to the next level then get some external professional help. Just practising your presentation by yourself will not make it outstanding. Whether you hire me or someone else doesn’t matter. But what does matter is the impact you have as a Leader, the positive change you want to make in your organisation and the team you inspire.

If you want to ensure your next presentation is better than anyone expected, then feel free to get in contact via LinkedIn or this website by clicking on “Message Matt” in the main menu and complete the Contact Form and I will get back in touch so we can have a chat about how I can help.

Matthew Broomhead

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