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7 Questions to ask ourselves after every Presentation

Most people that speak publicly want to improve their skills and the impact they have when they resonant with their audience. And yet some people after a presentation do not even review.

Those that do review, tend to be superficial so as to keep their ego intact. However, if you are reading my blog then you want more from the work that you do and the influence you have.

If we have gone to all the effort to speak publicly in front of a group of people and overcome our fear (that is greater than the fear of death for many of us), then why wouldn’t we want to ensure that the next time we do it, it will be even better?

By giving your audience a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose through the words, images and stories you convey then you are helping them create greater security and more likely to generate the change that you want.

To assist you, I have come up with these seven questions to ask yourselves after any public presentation. The first three generic questions were acquired from an excellent Frank Daniels coaching course I attended years ago. The other four questions were added to help one of my team that I had excitedly seen present at the Birmingham Conservatoire. I trust they will be as beneficial to you as they were to him.

If we are willing to delve into these questions in depth, then we can expect to rapidly develop our future presentations.

So what are the seven questions to ask ourselves after a presentation?

  1. What went well?
  2. What could have gone better?
  3. What will I do differently next time to make it even better?
  4. Why did I give the presentation? (include what Values it met)
  5. What did I hope the listener would do at the end of the presentation? The Desired Outcome.
  6. What evidence is there that they took action towards the Desired Outcome (how did/could I measure the outcome)?
  7. What is the next step in building the relationship with members of my audience?


Matthew Broomhead

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