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“WHY” : A Poem about Purpose

WHY A Poem about Purpose and Persistence ImageHaving a WHY is the most important part of any business or organisation. Without a reason and purpose to exist most organisations find it difficult to Market and attract the right people to work within their teams.

However, for many of us finding Your WHY is incredibly hard. We know What we do and How we do it, but Why seems more difficult.

As we all know being creative is an important skill in this economy, so I thought I would share with you a poem I wrote this morning. Feel free to share with your teams:

WHY gives us the reason to not let things pass us By.

WHY is the thing that gives us permission to give it a go and Try.

WHY gives us the dreams that we could actually Fly.

WHY lessens that feeling of a deep yearning for something lost and giving a Sigh.

WHY prevents at the end of your life saying “I could have been that Lady or Guy”.

WHY gives insight into the future and the unfathomable “Third Eye”.

WHY abandons the excuses and the need to Lie.

WHY lets us meet that stranger and say “Hi”.

WHY knew we could finish and have that Magical High.

WHY : Instead of unravelling relationships in our teams, it brings us closer together and the bonds Tie.

WHY pushes us one last time as we know the finish line is Nigh.

WHY keeps you going when everyone else’s faces are Wry.

WHY helps when people say “I’ll think about it”, and you think they should Buy.

WHY makes someone brave, when previously they were Shy.

WHY inspires us to reach beyond the Sky.

WHY keeps taking the next breath until one day all of us will say Goodbye.

I would love to hear your “WHY” rhymes. Just pop them in the comments below.

Matthew Broomhead
“Raising the level of Business Skills in Britain”
Creator of Broomhead Business Channel

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