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Uncomfortably comfortable

uncomfortably-comfortable-image-by-matthew-broomheadI have written previously about us “becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable”. In a nut shell this is the idea of expanding our comfort zone and trying new things.

Even though the wording is similar the meaning of this idea is different.

You know how we sometimes hear a story or a key message a number of times and initially we may react by just thinking “yea… and?” as we haven’t understood the message at a deeper and meaningful way. Well, I’ve encountered that lack of initial understanding with this old story told many times in many different mediums.

The story is of a traveller who visits a remote farm. As they approach the farm they see there is an old man sitting in a rocking chair on a large porch. Lying near his feet is an old farm dog who gives out a whimper every now and then, especially if he moves slightly to try and get in a more comfortable position.

The traveller approaches the porch and starts to chat to the farmer. During their conversation the traveller can’t help hearing the dog give out his consistent whimpering. They are curious to why the farmer appears to be ignoring his dog so they ask

I can hear that your dog seems uncomfortable as he is whimpering quite a lot.

Yes. He does do that.

Is your dog ok?” enquired the traveller.

He whimpers because he’s lying on an old screw protruding through the wooden decking. It’s uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to him to justify the effort to get up and move to the other side of the porch.

It is interesting how so many of us are uncomfortably comfortable with our lot in life. We may be uncomfortable with our perceived future, but not uncomfortable enough to make the difficult decisions required to secure ours and our family’s futures.

Therefore in addition to being grateful which is crucial to a fulfilled life and career, I think Jim Rohn was right when he talked about taking stock and having an awareness of where we are at the moment in our current careers.

We need to start digging our wells because however optimistic you are, the future economy is looking pretty dry.

So I am just curious, what metaphors and stories have you heard in the past that may need another listen to explore what the real message could be to you now you have discovered new insights and learnings from being a little older and a little more experienced in life?

Matthew Broomhead

“Raising the level of Business Skills in Britain”
Creator of Broomhead Business Channel.

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