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Quality (Lunch) time

Quality Lunchtime Iimage by Matthew BroomheadTo keep things simple let us say that the average European person lives for 80 years and therefore that equates to about 4000 weeks. For some of us this my seem loads of time, while others may wonder “how am I going to achieve everything I wanted to in such a short period of time?”

It has been said that we do not have enough time to make all the mistakes ourselves, so learn from others.

I heard a very influential keynote speaker imply that people that have failed (in certain contexts) should put on seminars, so the rest of us can learn and avoid doing the same. The audience laughed, but he was making a genuinely important point.

So I am just wondering, who are you learning from? As you are thinking about that, maybe we should firstly consider what do we want to learn? What do we need to learn?

I have heard another experienced leadership writer and keynote speaker talk about monthly learning lunches. He has had them for decades. He would take a pen and journal along to lunch and make as many notes from listening to experienced sports coaches, business and nonprofit leaders.

If you were to take someone you admire out to lunch then what questions would you ask?

Here are five questions you could consider asking of successful business leaders:

  1. How did you overcome rejection?
  2. What is your why? (Why do you do what you do?)
  3. How did you “discover” your why?
  4. How did you build a culture within your organisation?
  5. How did you identify and develop your leaders?

So I am just curious, what would be easier? Spend your lunchtime in front of your PC catching up on your busy workload or be out the office spending time and learning from those that can help you make the most of your remaining 4000 weeks?

Matthew Broomhead

“Raising the level of Business Skills in Britain”
Creator of Broomhead Business Channel

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