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How to create a successful Networking group

How to create a successful Businss Networking Group Matthew BroomheadI shared this with a member of my team this morning while pushing my baby daughter around on our morning “Pram push”. I thought I would share this with you as well. (It can also apply to any team, board or committee).

Creating a successful Business Networking group is simple, but not easy.

Below are my thoughts on the three stages required to W.I.N.

  1. Willingness to Trust
    Create an environment where other people feel safe and listened to.
    This creates respect, trust and commitment. These are the three core elements to any valuable business client relationship.
  2. Invite
    Once those elements start to grow, then people will be comfortable in wanting to invite their valuable contacts along to visit the group. This creates value for all three parties involved – the visitor, the inviter & the group.
  3. New growth
    The more value that is added, the better the group. This increases in growth of members, quality referrals & interest in the group from outside.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? No.

It takes TLC!  Time, Learning and Commitment. Three attributes that have to be searched for – you don’t find them lying around for someone to notice and pick up.

Here endeth Matt’s “Tuesday Talk”.

Enjoy your day!

Matthew Broomhead

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