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Briefly “What is a Brand?”​

Most people know brand is important to the success of an organisation. However, many freelancers, employees and even Marketing people do not know what it really is in a connection economy and the impact it will have on the overall success of an organisation.

In this short Article I thought I would share with you two influential businessmen’s views on brand. If you can answer the questions succinctly and in an engaging and meaningful way then your organisation will be significantly ahead of its competition.

1) “What is a brand?”

Seth Godin suggested the following:

A brand is not a logo. It is not a name. A brand is a series of expectations based on the promises you have made.

This is who we are, these are the promises we make.

Therefore what do you say to people about your organisation, so that they say to themselves, “oh that’s for me”.

2) Positioning

In an interview with Success Magazine, Nido Qubein who is a businessman and President of the fascinating High Point University, talked about the following:

“We need to position ourselves in a way that people will want to do business with us”. So I invite you to consider these three things to ask ourselves:

  • Why should someone do business with me?
  • How easily can someone else imitate me and do what I do?
  • If someone was in the marketplace to buy, then would they think of me first and want to buy from me?

As with all good ideas they seem simple on the face of it, but are worth taking a little time to think through properly.

While you start to consider your answers to these questions relating to your Brand, then let me leave you with a quote from Nido:

“For the Timid, CHANGE is Frightening.

For the Comfortable, CHANGE is Threatening.

For the Confident, CHANGE is Opportunity.”

Matthew Broomhead

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