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7 of 10 : Public Speaking – They don’t use influencing language to link their message to everyday tasks

Mistakes & Observations Public Speakers make at Corporate Conferences
(and how to avoid them) cont… part 7 of 10

I am just curious, how many members of your team take action after your presentation in the weeks following the event? Would you like it to be more?

In order to create subtle reminders to take action (with regards to what you have said) during the week after the event, once the motivation and hype of the event has gone, then you may want to take a look at some of these examples of typical phrases to use:

Whatever we say will influence someone else. To what extent and how, is dependent on many things including what words we say and how we say it.

“As you leave today and travel home safely, I want you to think about/remember this…”

“Maybe the next time you are sitting in a car waiting for the traffic lights to change to green…you are going to remember X”

“Perhaps the next time you are standing boiling a kettle for a hot drink…”

So to clarify, initially we state a generic scenario most audience members will be familiar with and are likely to experience in the near future. Then we add in the suggestion of what we would like the listener to think and do.

This is utilising how our brains work naturally and how to ensure the excellent ideas we are sharing are been put into practice, once our team get back into the day to day running of their jobs.

Matthew Broomhead

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