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1 of 10 : Public Speaking – Poor Audience Response due to not having a Clear Ending to their Talk.

Mistakes & Observations Public Speakers make at Corporate Conferences
(and how to avoid them) cont… part 1 of 10

Without a clear ending an audience will have difficulty knowing when the talk has actually finished. This typically results in a rather limp reaction and requires the host speaker afterwards having to “rally” the people to get them to react. Audiences at some conferences are gagging to applaud and cheer, therefore how could we avoid taking that from them?

A lot of people that speak publicly suffer from this problem, so to prevent something very straightforward, then here is the solution…

A well designed speech will have a clear “most wanted response” at the end. Whether it is a quote, catch phrase or memorable statement that will resonate with the audience. If you want to add extra emphasis to your end statement, then here are some phrases to use as you approach the end of your talk which will indicate to the audience that it is coming to a close [and get ready to respond]:

“Before I finish…”

 “As I come to the end of (my talk/this section of the day) let me say this…”

“Just before I introduce the next speaker, let me leave you with this last thought…”

“Just before the next speaker comes out to share more exciting announcements, let me end by showing you this…”

“As I finish my talk, I want you to remember this…”

Yes it is this simple, and yes it will make a notable difference to the overall reaction you’ll receive.

To make it even clearer then consider emphasising that it is the end by taking a noticeable pause, then also adjust your tone and pace.

Matthew Broomhead

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